Research into masturbation to young boys' manga comes under fire

A top British university is investigating a PhD candidate’s paper on his use of ‘shota’ erotic manga

An undergraduate at an elite British university wrote a paper detailing his experiences masturbating with a Japanese erotic Manga that sexualizes boys under 18. Following online backlash, both the university and the peer reviewed journal publishing the study are currently investigating the issue.

Qualitative Research journal and University of Manchester have begun to investigate the possibility of Karl Andersson’s work being published. “I am not alone – we are all alone: Using masturbation as an ethnographic method in research on shota subculture in Japan.”

Andersson claimed he researched “shota” manga to explore “whether or how sexual desire for fictional boys is connected to sexual attraction to actual children” – a question he said aficionados of such content sometimes expressed.

According to the paper his method was to use examples of this genre to have masturbation and to log each session over three months. Andersson said he didn’t have sex with other people during his research, and didn’t consume other kinds of pornography. The project was more beneficial if he lived alone, he said.

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Andersson expressed gratitude for the tool in the concluding remarks. Andersson said that he was curious. “if all sex is masturbation”In the sense that the participants focus on themselves, it is suggested that self-gratification connects people with authors and other users of explicit content. “activity during which we are least alone.”

Although the paper, which is 4,000 words, was first published in April and received widespread attention, some academics, politicians, and readers expressed disapproval.

Conservative MP Neil O’Brien wonderedWhy? “hard-working taxpayers”This research should be paid for by Harborough’s constituency. “The non-STEM side of higher education is just much too big, producing too much that is not socially useful,”He concluded.

According to Andersson’s paper, he didn’t receive any financial support to publish it. However, his university profile states that his PhD research was funded by the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures.

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Andersson announced in September that he would be enrolling at Manchester University as a PhD student in 2021. He is a former provocative artist from his native Sweden. According to Vice News’ 2012 interview, Andersson published Destroyer magazine, featuring naked images of teenage boys.

The project was started by him, he said. “out of frustration of the current politics of the gay movement, which becomes ever more non-inclusive of the less flattering expressions of homosexuality, most notably male attraction to boys.”

Vice News reported that Andersson had been involved with similar themed publications following the demise of Destroyer in Swedish bookshops. “like the Larry Flynt of sexualizing children, which totally isn’t a good thing.”

The university announced that it had ended the PhD research paper after much controversy. “undertaking a detailed investigation into all aspects” of Andersson’s work and declined to comment further. Qualitative Research claimed it would “consider closely all guidance from the Committee of Publication Ethics and ensure that any actions taken comply with COPE standards.”



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