Record two-ton shipment of pure cocaine seized by Senegal’s Navy after smugglers caught off country’s coast — RT World News

The Senegalese Navy announced that, with the support of France’s Air Force, a record 2,026 kilos of cocaine was seized from drug traffickers while moving through an often used smuggling route off the coast of the African nation.

A vessel transporting pure cocaine was discovered traveling 363 km (226 mi) from the Senegal coast. “The first [searches] made it possible to discover on board pure cocaine for an estimated weight of 2026 kg,” the country’s Navy said in a statement.

While five crew members were onboard the vessel transporting the cocaine, it’s not clear if they have been detained, with Senegal simply claiming those on board have “been made available to the competent administrations for further investigations.”

The seizure marks the largest drug bust for the African nation, which intercepted the attempted smuggling operation with the French Air Force’s backing. In 2007, a package of cocaine measuring 2.4 tons was intercepted. It was eventually stopped.

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‘Historic cocaine seizure’: Montenegro foils attempt to smuggle over 1 ton of cocaine in shipment of bananas

Traffickers were trying to transport illegal drugs along an unofficial route that links South America with Europe through West Africa. It is the latest seizure of cocaine by an African nation, following Senegal’s neighbor Gambia busting an attempt to move around three tons of cocaine in January and Morocco halting a container vessel on Monday that contained a shipment of one ton and 335 kilos of the narcotic.

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