Raging bull charges through Israeli bank (VIDEOS)

The rampaging beast was not roped by clerks.

On Monday, an Israeli bull ran through a bank and crashed into corridors while employees tried to catch it. The bull run ended after the animal was tranquilized. However, all of the incident was captured on CCTV.

Israeli media reports that the bull ran away from his owner on Monday morning and made his way through Lod, Israel’s capital city, before eventually finding a Leumi Bank branch. Video footage caught the hulking creature skidding on the bank’s polished tile floor before running down a corridor with bewildered staff in pursuit.

The bull had been captured and was finally trapped using some rope and a red pole.

Soon, a vet arrived and calmed the bull. A man identified as Israel’s owner tied the bull up while it lay in wait beneath a canopy of trees.

Another video clip from the incident shows the bull rampaging through the bank’s parking lot, likely before entering the premises. 

The bank sustained no damages and there were no reports of casualties.

Leumi Bank’s offices were attacked by a bull early in the morning. The bull was captured and taken to the outside. “The incident was reported to local authorities and handled by the city’s veterinary services.”In a statement, the bank said so. 



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