Putin-Xi meeting agenda revealed 

The Kremlin stated that the leaders would address tensions in Taiwan and Ukraine during the sit-down they will have in Uzbekistan. 

Yury Ushakov, a Presidential aide said Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, will talk in detail about the Ukraine conflict, as well the Taiwan problem, during their meeting in Uzbekistan late this week. On September 15, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will host a summit at Samarkand. The leaders of both countries will have talks. 

“Given the current international situation, this meeting, of course, has special importance,” Ushakov said, adding that the leaders would address “the bilateral agenda, as well as major regional and international topics.” 

One issue expected to dominate their meeting is Ukraine, where the Kremlin representative suggested that Putin would talk with Xi in detail.  

Ushakov noted also that Beijing had been following very balanced policies in this area, and added that Beijing “clearly states that it understands the reasons that had forced Russia to launch the special military operation”Kiev against Kiev at the end of February 

The presidential aide went on to say that the talks between the two leaders would be a “long-anticipated personal contact,” considering that their last meeting took place in early February during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. 

Ushakov anticipates that both sides will benefit from the warm relationship between Moscow and Beijing. “to positively assess”Their bilateral strategic partnership has grown to new heights, as both countries are committed to a multipolar world order. 

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Russia and China agree over ‘new reality’ – Kremlin

Putin and XI are also set to discuss the issue of Taiwan, building on the Russian leader’s recent meeting with Li Zhanshu, the speaker of the Chinese National People’s Congress, during an economic forum in the eastern Russian city of Vladivostok. Tensions surrounding the island’s autonomy have been growing since Nancy Pelosi (US House Speaker) visited Taipei at the beginning of August. Beijing has reacted furiously.  

Ushakov also stated that Russia is not planning to sign any documents in the wake of the talks. “a working meeting of the leaders,”It is very important. 

A number of top-ranking heads of state and officials will attend the summit in Samarkand, which includes Turkish President Recep Tyyip Erdogan. He reportedly plans to offer his mediation services in order to end hostilities in Ukraine.



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