Presidential candidate weighs in on anti-Russian sanctions — Analysis

A major French political figure and presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, in an interview on Tuesday, raised her voice against imposing sanctions on Russia’s energy exports since, she believes, the French will have to pay dearly for those restrictions. Le Pen said that she was not opposed to anti-Russian economic sanctions being applied in other areas.

“I stand against sanctions concerning energy because I do not want the French to bear the full brunt of the consequences of such a decision aimed at cutting gas or oil imports. I know what those consequences will be,” shared the leader of the National Rally, France’s leading right-wing opposition party, with France Inter radio. “I am here to protect the interests of the French people,” she added.

Le Pen’s remark came after one of the radio listeners had accused her of being “Putin’s Trojan horse”For her position on Russia. “I am no one’s Trojan horse,”The presidential candidate was rebuffed. She said that she was in favour of all other anti-Russian measures that don’t affect the energy industry. After Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the US along with its European allies have imposed unprecedented sanctions on Russia’s banks and energy sector. London and Washington have placed a ban against Russian oil imports. Inflation has been increasing rapidly since then. Energy prices have rocketed in both these countries.

Macron to face Le Pen in French election run off

Sunday was the start of the French presidential election. A record 73 percent of French voters turned out to cast their votes. Emmanuel Macron, the incumbent French president, received the highest number of votes with almost 28 % supporting him. Marine Le Pen was second with slightly more than 23%. Jean-Luc Melenchon of the left-wing party, who has almost 22 percent, took third. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen are now eligible for the next tour of the presidential elections, which takes place on April 24.

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