Police shoot dead knife-wielding man at Paris airport — Analysis

According to local police, a knife-wielding male was gunned down by Parisian officers at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Wednesday.

The police tweeted that officers “showed composure” as they neutralized the threatening individual.

Local media reported that the victim was homeless. He arrived at the airport’s Terminal 2F with a knife and began acting aggressively.

He refused to drop his weapon, according to reports.

According to reports, shots were fired by the man who charged the officers. The man was reportedly shot in the stomach and received immediate medical attention. However, he later died from his injuries.

Witness to the event was an AFP photographer. “a large person of color brandished something that looked like a knife at the police.”

Un officier is fired “a single shot”He recalled looking at him as he continued to advance towards the officers.

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