Police seize guns, arrest 11 at Freedom Convoy blockade — Analysis

Canadian mounted forces claim that they have found weapons and trailers in a blockade of major crossings between Alberta and the USA.

After discovering a cache of weapons that was allegedly belonging to a group associated with the Freedom Convoy protests against Covid-19 mandates, police in Canada arrested eleven people.

On Friday morning, the weapons were seize by the Canadian Mounties who executed a warrant for three trailers that had been parked at the Coutts border crossing to the US. In a press release by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (RCMP), it stated that 13 long guns, an undisclosed number of handguns and sets of body armor were in the cache.

“The group was said to have a willingness to use force against the police if any attempts were made to disrupt the blockade,” according to the statement, which didn’t specify a source for that claim. The RCMP charged the group with having a “militant mindset,”This was apparent on Saturday night, as members tried to smash a police car with a tractor and semi-truck. Police took the tractor and truck from the scene and continue to search for the driver.

Canada’s PM seeks emergency powers to tackle ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests – media

The suspects have not been identified. The police stated that they continue to make efforts to stop the crime. “illegal blockade.”Police broke down a nearly week-long blockade at the biggest Canada-US border crossing. The bridge that links Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan was reopened by police on Sunday night.

Freedom Convoy protests have been disruptive – essentially shutting down the capital city Ottawa, for instance – but peaceful. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, has called the protestors “have been” “unacceptable views”They refused to give up on their demands. Canada’s Ontario province provided some relief from the mandates on Monday morning, saying it will stop requiring vaccine passports from March 1.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney reportedly said Monday’s weapons bust will clear the way for more police efforts to end the blockade in Coutts without fear of triggering violence. “Now that the RCMP has successfully resolved this potential threat, they will proceed, I’m informed, with enforcement against others who are involved in the blockade,”He said it at an event unrelated to Calgary.



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