Police find parachutes near mystery crash site — Analysis

Two parachutes were discovered by police in Zagreb (the capital of Croatia), near the site of a strange object that crashed into a park on Thursday night. There were no injuries reported on the ground.

Police said that they began receiving reports from Jarun, in southwest Zagreb at 11 pm local time about an accident. The object that fell from the skies and crashed to earth was reported by citizens.

Police arrived on the scene and discovered a 3m wide (10ft wide) crater filled with debris. A search in the larger area revealed two parachutes.

Authorities continue to investigate the matter and are asking the public for images. According to a police statement, the authorities ask media to not speculate on what happened but to keep their eyes open for updates.

The crater is visible in closeups that are being circulated on social media. Croatian media outlets circulated photographs of two parachutes in various stages of recovery.

The country is speculating that the crash was due to a Tu 141 Strizh unmanned plane. The Soviet-built reconnaissance drone was created in late 1970s/early 1980s. It has a range 1,000km (620 mi).

Local media reported that witnesses heard an explosion after the impact. The debris found in the crater had been labeled with Cyrillic script, which resembled pieces of an airplane engine.

Ukraine is the nation that operates Tu-141s and it’s currently fighting an attack by Russia. The identity of the aircraft, which was confirmed to be Ukrainian, makes one wonder how it got from Ukraine to Zagreb. From the nearest patch of Ukrainian land, Croatia is more than 500 km away (300 miles), with Hungary between.

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