Police chief suspended for helping officers dodge vaccine mandate — Analysis

A North Carolina police chief has been placed on unpaid leave after he allegedly told officers about a ‘clinic’ where they could obtain Covid-19 vaccine certificates without getting vaccinated.

Doug Burgess, Oakboro’s town administrator placed Chief Police Officer TJ Smith on unpaid leave for two weeks and probation for six weeks. This was after Smith had allegedly recommended this questionable clinic among his peers. Burgess warned Smith that further violations could result in his permanent dismissal.

Burgess accused Smith in engaging in “detrimental personal conduct” “notifying law enforcement officers to attend a ‘clinic’ where they would be able to obtain proof of COVID 19 vaccination cards without being vaccinated.” The police chief’s conduct supposedly violated department policies on fraud, endangering the property of others, and serving a conflicting interest.

Smith stated that he had made the claim in his own declaration. “mistake”By passing it on “information about what was described as a ‘self-vaccination’ clinic.” Smith said he was told about the clinic by a friend and didn’t give “much thought”Before sharing information, please be respectful.

“Having the benefit of hindsight now, it is obvious the entire process sounds questionable,”He acknowledged the fact, but added that he “didn’t post it on social media”Was “just one person sharing the word with another.”

I just try to help people where I can, and I passed on something that, in hindsight, I shouldn’t have

Smith said that Smith was mistaken in his belief “shared misinformation,”He “didn’t do it from a place of malice,”And the chief of police expressed the hope that he could serve Oakboro’s citizens.



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