Police Arrest Woman After 6-Year-Old Son Is Found in Trunk

MOUND, Minn. — A 28-year-old woman has been arrested after police found her 6-year-old son’s body in the trunk of her bloodied car in a Minneapolis suburb, authorities and family members said.

Orono police said the woman and a man were arrested on suspicion of murder after the boy’s body was found Friday following a report of a car with a smashed back window driving on a flat tire. Officers discovered blood in the vehicle when they stopped it at Mound, Minnesota.

The circumstances surrounding the death of the boy have yet to be released by police. At Sunday’s time, both the woman and man were not formally charged.

Family members said the boy’s father had been trying to win custody at the time of his death. After nearly one year spent in foster care, the boy was placed with his mother again in December.

The boy’s behavior changed after his mother regained custody and family members said he had been misbehaving in school and showing signs of anxiety.

Nikita Kronberg, who was the boy’s foster mother for 11 months, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that Dakota County social workers “failed this child big-time.” The social worker in charge of the case didn’t immediately respond to messages from the newspaper.

The father’s fiance told the newspaper that the boy was a patient, happy child who loved playing with Matchbox cars and wanted to become a firefighter. His rare genetic disorder caused him hearing impairments and renal disease.

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