Poland to expel 45 Russian diplomats — Analysis

The Internal Security Agency (ISA) announced Wednesday that Poland would expel 45 Russian diplomats suspected of being spies.

These were the suspects. “officers of the Russian special services and persons associated with them” enjoying diplomatic status in Poland. Krzysztof Waclawek, head of the agency, requested that the Foreign Ministry declare them persona nu grata.

The ISA said it had collected evidence of the suspects’ clandestine activities. The other one is linked to a Polish citizen who was arrested in March on suspicion that he had been spying on Russia.

It is possible that a significant number of diplomats will be expelled. “due to Russia’s policy towards the Republic of Poland and its allies”The statement also mentioned the Russian attack on Ukraine.

EU energy sanctions against Russia are lifted in Split

Russian diplomats confirmed Wednesday that Sergey Andreev (Russian ambassador to Warsaw) was summoned at the Polish Foreign Ministry. Andreev said that he received a note naming 45 Russian diplomats to leave the country in five days. Moscow would respond with the same actions to these expulsions, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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