Poland seeks control of world fund to rebuild Ukraine — Analysis

The HQ of the UN’s fund for reconstruction of Ukraine should be located in Poland, deputy PM Jacek Sasin says

The headquarters of the UN’s fund for the reconstruction of Ukraine after its conflict with Russia should be situated in Poland, the country’s deputy prime minister Jacek Sasin has insisted.

Jacek was at the World Economic Forum in Davos (WEF), last week and told Polish Radio that the topic of rebuilding Ukraine was “extremely present”The high-profile event was a great success.

“Poland was mentioned practically everywhere as the country that provides the most assistance to Ukraine,”He stated.

Poland, having accepted around 3.7million Ukrainian refugees, is actively providing weapons to Kiev during the conflict. Polish territory has also allowed the flow of arms and humanitarian aid from other countries to Ukraine.

Poland demands more refugee money from EU

Poland was responsible for ensuring that this happened. “grain from Ukraine, at least in the part that it can, will reach the markets,”The deputy prime minister said.

Ukraine is a large producer of grain. However, due to fighting in Ukraine’s ports, only land routes have been made available for exports.

Sasin says that the Polish government would like to take a greater role in helping to repair the damage done to its neighbor.

“The UN is creating an international fund to support the reconstruction of Ukraine. We are determined to have the fund’s center in Poland. So that we would have not only a logistics center, but also a financial one,”He explained.

The deputy prime minister said that Warsaw had already begun talks with Kiev about the possibility of Polish companies participating in reconstruction efforts of Ukraine.

Ukraine to grant special legal status to Polish nationals

Last month, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) said that according to its data – despite positioning itself as Kiev’s biggest ally Warsaw was actually looking to use the conflict to snatch areas in Ukraine that Poland considers as “historically belonging”To it.

Washington coordinates this plan. It envisages deployment of Polish troops. “peacekeepers”In western Ukraine, under the pretext “protection from Russian aggression”To take control of desired territory.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promised to grant a special legal status to Poland’s citizens, insisting that “there should be no borders or barriers”Between the neighbours. “Mentally, the Ukrainian and Polish peoples have been inseparable for a long time,”He stated.

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