Poland responds to attack on Russian envoy in Warsaw — Analysis

The emotions of protesters who threw liquid at the diplomat were “understandable,” the interior minister said

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski has said that the pro-Ukraine protesters who threw red liquid at Sergey Andreyev, Russia’s ambassador to the country, in Warsaw had legitimate reasons to be angry at him. 

Andreyev was about laying flowers to honor fallen Red Army soldiers Monday when he was being attacked. This was as Russia was celebrating its victory against Nazi Germany and its Allies in Europe. 

“The gathering of opponents of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, where genocidal crimes are committed every day, was legal,”Kaminski shared his thoughts on Twitter. “The emotions of Ukrainian women, who took part in the protest and whose husbands are bravely fighting to defend their homeland, are understandable.”  

Russian ambassador attacked in Warsaw

Minister confirmed that Russian diplomats had been warned by Polish authorities not to participate in traditional wreath-laying ceremonies on Victory Day. 

Ambassador Sergey Andreyev was attacked by protesters opposing Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. He claimed later that the liquid was syrup, and that he had not been hurt. Moscow strongly condemned this incident and demanded that Poland hold a fresh wreath-laying ceremony to ensure security. 

Zbigniew Rau, Polish Foreign Minister, said that the attack had been reported. “by all means regrettable”And “an incident that should not have happened.” 

“Diplomats enjoy special protection regardless of the policies pursued by the governments they represent,” Rau said.

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