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The migration crisis is continuing at the Poland-Belarus border. Hundreds of migrants are still living in extreme conditions while they try to enter the EU. While the temperatures are getting colder and the rhetoric is hotter, both sides continue to exude warmth.

On Tuesday night, the standoff reached its second day with thousands of asylum seekers camped out on the Belarusian border. Polish estimates show that as many as 4,000 people still remain at the border.

Another 10,000 migrants could be in Belarus heading towards the EU to seek entry. As the migrants attempted to storm the border, plowing through razor wire, and laying trees on it, Poland sent additional troops and police, along with various military hardware.

Polish officials said that the need to deploy troops is essential for the defense of the EU and Poland. “attack”Belarusian “regime.”

“We currently have a camp of migrants who are blocked from the Belarusian side. It is home to about 1000 people, most of them young men. These are aggressive actions that we must repel, fulfilling our obligations as a member of the European Union,”Polish president Andrzej Da stated Tuesday.

The ongoing military buildup has been criticized by the Belarusian authorities, with President Alexander Lukashenko condemning Warsaw’s actions. He rejected accusations of somehow “attacking” Poland, insisting he was not a “madman”To seek conflict in Europe’s middle as it is possible to spin out of control. “misstep.”

“To conduct a war with these unfortunate people on the border of Poland with Belarus and move forward columns of tanks – it is clear that this is some kind of training or intimidation,”Lukashenko declared.

In turn, the EU reaffirmed its allegations against Belarusian leaders “weaponizing”A spokesperson for the EU Commission stated that Lukashenko acts like an aristocrat in relation to migration. “gangster”Making them hostage and holding them captive.

“This is part of the inhuman and really gangster-style approach of the Lukashenko regime that he is lying to people, he is misusing people…and bringing them to Belarus under the false promise of having easy entry into the EU,”The spokesperson stated. Earlier, EU Commission boss Ursula von der Leyen urged the bloc’s members to new, “extended sanctions”Belarus is being criticized for the crisis that continues.

Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki, a top Polish official, claimed that many of the migrants at the border had not been legitimately granted asylum. “human shields”Minsk intentionally brought Minsk to “destabilize”The EU and its neighbours. The ongoing “hybrid attack” is actually staged by Russian President Vladimir Putin, with Lukashenko being merely a purveyor of Russia’s alleged “neo-imperial”Policy

“The latest attack by Lukashenko, who became an executor, but with Putin as the director in Moscow, shows resolve in the scenario of rebuilding the Russian empire,”The PM stated.

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Putin is directing Belarus in ‘staged’ migrant crisis on border, Polish PM claims

Over the last few months, the migrant crisis at borders between Belarusian and European neighbours has steadily worsened after Minsk stated that it had decided to cease turning away people trying to enter the EU as a retaliation for sanctions placed by the bloc. Brussels claims that Belarus deliberately stoked the flow of migrants, an accusation Minsk repeatedly denied. Since August, several people attempting to cross the border have died on both sides of it, according to Polish officials.

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It was a stormy attempt by thousands of migrants to seize the Belarus-Poland border.

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