Pentagon prepares for ‘contingency’ near Taiwan – media — Analysis

The US сould shift its forces in the region to protect US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi if she visits the island, AP reports

According to AP, Nancy Pelosi, US House Speaker, could be protected by additional aircraft, ships and surveillance systems if the Pentagon sends more personnel to Taiwan, AP reports.

“contingency plan”,This is the American military’s current development. “overlapping rings of protection”According to the news agency, it was for her during her trip to the island and during her stay there.

Officials also mentioned the necessity to create “buffer zones”AP reported that Pelosi, along with her plane, were ready to deal with any incidents relating China during the trip.

Beijing, which considers the self-governed island a part of its territory, has repeatedly warned that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan might trigger a serious reaction and have “unbearable consequences”Relations between China, the US

“If the US insists on going its own way and challenging China’s bottom line, it will surely be met with forceful responses,”On Wednesday, Zhao Lijian, spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry told reporters.

Pelosi’s flight to Taiwan may provoke Chinese warplane ‘escort’ – media

General Mark Milley of US Joint Chiefs of Staff noted recently that there have been an increase in intercepts of Chinese planes and ships in the Pacific, which has involved American forces and allies. He also warned of a rising number of “unsafe” interactions.

The US officials, who spoke to AP, doubted that China would take any direct action against Pelosi herself, but some analysts said a Chinese show of force might go “awry” and result in a dangerous accident, such as an air collision.

Multiple media reports indicated that Beijing may declare Taiwan a no fly zone or even send warplanes. “escort” the House speaker’s plane.

According to officials, the US will need rescue capability on the ground. They also suggested that ships and helicopters could be dispatched to that area. According to them, American aircraft must be available in the region during any possible intercept by or force show from the Chinese military.

Top US general warns of more ‘aggressive’ China

Milley did not comment on what exact measures could be taken to ensure Pelosi’s safety, but said the Pentagon “will do what is necessary to ensure a safe conduct of their visit”If Pelosi travels to Taiwan.

According to AP there are enough US forces scattered around the Pacific, so the Pentagon could eventually make use of them as additional protection. The US Aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan was specifically mentioned by the news agency, along with its strike unit, that made a stop in Singapore this weekend. This group includes the aircraft carrier, two Navy ships and Carrier Air Wing Five. It consists of F/A-18 fighters as well as helicopters and surveillance planes. Also, the USS Benfold was named, which is a destroyer that sailed through Taiwan Strait last Thursday.

Pelosi originally planned to visit Taiwan in April, but she was forced to postpone her trip due to Covid-19. She hasn’t yet announced any dates. Pelosi will now be the most high-ranking US lawmaker ever to visit Taiwan in the past 25 years if the plan is approved. Newt Ginrich, the House speaker, was in Taiwan for that purpose in 1997.



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