Palestinian official assassinated at Lebanon refugee camp — Analysis

A member of President Abbas’ Fatah movement was reportedly shot dead while praying at a friend’s home

A senior official of the party said that an unknown gunman killed and shot a Palestinian official just hours after calling a new truce between Gaza militants, Israel, Monday night.

Saeed Alaeddine was a member of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement and acted as a liaison between the party and Lebanese security services.

He was shot in the head by unknown assailants at Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, Ain Al-Helweh, near the coastal city of Sidon, Fatah official Mounir Makdah said, according to AFP.

Alaeddine was reported to have been shot several times before he died in hospital. AFP claimed that its correspondent heard more gunshots ringing out at the camp in the aftermath of Alaeddine’s attack.

Over 54,000 Palestinian refugees have been registered in the Ain Al-Helweh refugee camp, many of them fleeing conflict in Syria.

Fighting breaks out periodically between the rival Palestinian militant groups within the facility. The Lebanese army is prohibited from entering the area, as per a long-standing agreement. 

Palestinian militants issue warning to Israel

Hours after Israel had announced a ceasefire against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, (PIJ), following three days’ worth of titfor-tat missile attacks and airstrikes which decimated the leadership and resulted in the deaths of dozens of Palestinians.

Ziyad Al Nakhaala, PIJ leader, said on Monday that his militants wouldn’t hesitate to take up arms. “resume fighting again”If the Israeli side violates the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire, Israel reserves the right to terminate the truce. Yair Lapid, Israeli Prime Minister, cautioned that if PIJ breaches its terms, Israel has the right to terminate the truce. “respond strongly.”

The latest round of fighting was set off following the arrest of the PIJ’s West Bank leader Bassem Saadi last week, during which a Palestinian teenager was killed.

Biden praises Israel for saving ‘countless lives’

On Friday, an airstrike on an apartment block housing PIJ commander Taysir al-Jabari kicked off Israel’s ‘Operation Breaking Dawn,’ which saw several of the group’s operatives killed. Palestinian officials claimed that 44 Palestinians were killed over the weekend in Gaza. Israel, however, blamed some deaths on failed rocket launches by Palestinians.

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