Over $250 million of counterfeit HIV treatments sold — Analysis

An investigation by Gilead Sciences revealed that over 85,000 medication bottles were altered or falsified over the course of the past several years.

Gilead Sciences released a statement Wednesday stating that the drugmaker had confiscated 85,247 prescription bottles at 17 locations across nine US states following an investigation into counterfeit medicine.

Drugmaker says that over $250 Million worth of fake or altered medication was sold by an unlicensed network of suppliers to drug companies. Some of the drugs were provided to patients potentially putting their lives at risk.

It was delivered in fake bottles which were either empty or very close to empty and had contained HIV drugs.

Gilead accused the counterfeiters of substituting medication with false drugs and documents before sealing the containers as though they had never been opened.

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Gilead confirms its investigation after the US Federal Judge dismissed a civil suit that had been filed against 22 defendants accused of distribution. “dangerous” counterfeits to “unsuspecting patients.”

“We therefore believe that we have successfully stopped any additional counterfeits from these defendants reaching patients,” Lori Mayall, Gilead’s anti-counterfeiting executive, said following the lawsuit’s unsealing.

Gilead, back in August, had advised the public it knew that fake HIV medication was being spread in the US. “taking aggressive action”To address the problem.

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