Ousted Sri Lankan leader seeking travel permission

In the midst of massive protests, the ex-president resigned to fly for Singapore in July

Sri Lanka’s ex-president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has requested entry to Thailand, weeks after stepping down and hastily fleeing his country during a heated round of anti-government demonstrations.

A spokesman for Thailand’s Foreign Ministry, Tanee Sangrat, announced the request in a string of tweetsAccording to reports, Sri Lankan officials contacted them Wednesday and inquired if Rajapaksa would be able to travel the Southeast Asian country.

“The Thai side received a request for the former President to enter Thailand from the current government of Sri Lanka. The consideration was based on long-standing and cordial ties between the two countries,” Sangrat said, adding that Rajapaksa’s stay would be “temporary”And had the “aim of onward travel.”

The spokesman did not give any details, but he mentioned that anyone holding a Sri Lankan visa is allowed into Thailand for up to 90 days. It seems like the former president will be no different. He did not indicate Rajapaksa’s final destination or when he intended to travel to Thailand, but clarified that the ex-leader is not seeking political asylum from the Thai government.

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Rajapaksa arrived in Singapore on 14 July, having fled to the Maldives the previous day on a military plane. Airport officials initially prohibited Rajapaksa leaving Sri Lanka, believing he was trying to get away from detention. But he eventually managed to flee amid massive protests over his administration’s mismanagement. Singaporean officials claim Rajapaksa is only in Singapore for a brief period. “private visit”And has not requested asylum.

Under Rajapaksa’s leadership, Sri Lanka was driven to bankruptcy, defaulting on its foreign debts in May and introducing fuel rationing in July. This economic crisis sparked protests that culminated in a mob attacking the Presidential Residence and forcing Rajapaksa from his home.



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