Ottawa cops crack down on protesters — Analysis

In an attempt to stop the Freedom Convoy anti-mandate Freedom Convoy demonstration, police put up fences and brought in reinforcements

The Freedom Convoy protest has been surrounded by fencing in Ottawa. Police also brought in additional officers to help clear out the area. This is after truckers were threatened by arrest in accordance with emergency powers issued by Justin Trudeau.

On Thursday, video footage showed buses of police entering Ottawa and officers holding crowd control drills. Workers were also seen installing metal fencing around the protest, which has caused traffic jams in downtown Ottawa for almost three weeks.

The Ottawa Police made the announcement shortly after the videos were published. “residents are seeing a major increase in the number of police officers on our streets.”Additionally, the force stated that fencing and barriers are being built all around the region. “core”downtown Ottawa. This will cut the protest from the rest the city. The barriers will only be accessible to those who reside and work in this region.

“The unlawful protesters must leave the area and will not be provided access,”Ottawa Police posted the following tweet.

Cops began Wednesday handing outFliers were handed out to protesters to warn them of the possibility of being arrested for refusing to go. Notices stated that protesters who were traveling to Ottawa for the demonstration are breaking the law and could be subject to vehicle seizing due to the emergency powers Trudeau had enacted on Monday. 

“We’re going to take back the entirety of the downtown core and every occupied space,”On Wednesday night, Steve Bell, interim chief of police told the city councilors that his officers would be there. “remove this unlawful protest” “return our city to a state of normalcy”In the next days.

Trudeau’s emergency powers allow for the government to freeze bank accounts that are linked to the protest and suspend trucking licenses.

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