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There are quite a few ways to relieve or prevent stress. Some of them we know about, and a few of them aren’t apparent until we think about them. For example, we wouldn’t generally think about keeping organized as a stress prevention unless it was directly mentioned. In fact, it’s probably one of the most effective ways. One prime example of somebody who knows this is Helen Lee Schifter, a former journalist for Wall Street. Since the pandemic, she has found several ways of preventing unnecessary tension. Schifter believes in a stress free environment, and she lives very peacefully by staying as organized as possible.

More people need to try and follow her example. It is important to stay as calm and comfortable as possible, especially with recent events, current events, even things that may crop up in the future. It’s essential to prevent stress at any time, but the workplace can be one of the most stressful environments of them all. This being said, here is a short list of ways we can help ourselves build a stress free environment at work.

1.Work Desk

Sometimes, paperwork can pile up in a heartbeat. When this happens, we need to find a way to stack our papers on our desk without creating clutter. Especially if we are already having a bad day, coming into the office to a large pile of who-remembers-what is never pleasant. It really helps a lot to at least be able to sit our coffee mug on the desk.

2. Filing Cabinets And Computer Files

In addition to preventing desk clutter, we should also try to find a place where we can file the work when we are finished, or if we want to take a break and work on something else. Filing our work on the computer has become common practice and is an excellent way to prevent papers piling up, but a filing cabinet can still come in handy for the paperwork we do get. Even if this means all of our extra manuals, or just some of our personal belongings.

3. Shelves and Baskets

Even if we don’t have to do a lot of paperwork, chances are we still have a few things that we may want to keep in our office. In this case, Helen Lee Schifter thinks people might want to consider stacking their belongings neatly on a shelf to prevent their desk getting cluttered. If individuals don’t quite have that many things but still would like to keep an organized desk space, they may want to consider having a few baskets arranged in a corner, or even put a few things in their closet, if they have one.

So no matter where we work, let’s try to keep our stress as low as possible by staying organized as best we can. Nobody is happy all of the time, but keeping our work space clean and organized is definitely one good way to make it through our days a lot easier.


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