Only world leader Trump has remained in touch with revealed in book  — Analysis

The former US president has reportedly told associates he’s continued discussions with Kim Jong-un

Donald Trump is now a free man after he resigned from the American presidency. “been telling people that he has maintained some kind of a correspondence or discussion with Kim Jong Un,”On Thursday, Maggie Haberman, a New York Times reporter, revealed her findings.

In her upcoming book about Trump, ‘The Confidence Man,’ the journalist claimed that the ex-president has “had a fixation on this relationship”The North Korean leader, since their time together during Trump’s term in office. However, Haberman was quick to clarify that Trump’s claim that he’s been communicating with Kim has not been verified and might not be true.

Kim, it is thought, remains in contact with Trump despite the fact that their relationship has been turbulent. Trump famously called Kim at one time. “little rocket man,”Trump insulted North Korea as an insult while in North Korea “heedless and erratic old man.”

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Trump met with Kim three times – in Singapore, Hanoi, and at the Korean Demilitarized Zone – where he became the first sitting US president to set foot on North Korean soil. The pair had been in contact during Trump’s presidency. In 2018 they exchanged letters. Trump then declared at a West Virginia rally that the two of them were “the best”. “fell in love.” 

As the 1799 Logan Act bans US citizens from engaging in negotiations with foreign countries, it is uncertain whether any communications between Trump and Kim are legal. Both the White House and US State Department declined to comment. Trump representatives have not made a public statement on the matter.

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