Number of IS sympathizers inside Israel revealed – reports — Analysis

A string of terror attacks on the country have recently claimed eleven lives.

According to local Haaretz, defense officials believe that around 200 Israeli Arab citizens identify themselves with Islamic State (formerly ISIS), and at least 20 are capable of carryingout an attack.

The outlet reported that the Israeli military had shared numbers from intelligence monitoring on social media with Israeli politicians Sunday.

According to defense officials, six Israeli Arabs who identified as IS are already under restrictions on their movement. Additional such orders will follow.

They revealed that a few dozen Israeli citizens have traveled to Syria, Iraq, and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula to join the ranks of IS there. According to the report, several of the victims have been killed during the fighting while others are set for arrest when they attempt to return to Israel.

Israeli PM warns of terror attacks

Haaretz reported that defense officials also requested the government ban Israelis from posting videos of terrorist events on social media. Haaretz claimed such footage was a driving force for copycat attacks.

The violence levels in Israel and the West Bank have increased dramatically over the past week, with eleven people dying in terrorist attacks.

A sympathizer of IS ran a cyclist with his vehicle, killed him, then attacked three persons outside a Beersheba shopping center. A gun attack claimed by IS also killed two Israeli officers.

Five people were killed in Tel Aviv by a Palestinian gunman who had no connection to the terrorist group.

Two Israelis killed in second IS rampage in a week

According to reports, the country is preparing for further incidents. Aviv Kohavi, Chief of Staff for Israel Defense Forces told commanders Sunday that they should remain alert and ready for any future events.

Israeli Channel 13 news claimed that Kohavi even suggested a repeat of ‘Operation Guardian of the Walls’, referring to a fire exchange between Israel and Gaza-based armed group Hamas, and violent clashes in cities with Israeli and Arab populations in May 2021.



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