Number of Americans worried about future of US democracy revealed — Analysis

According to temperature-check at the anniversary of Capitol Riot, most Americans believe that the US is on the decline

A shocking 83% of registered American voters are at least somewhat worried about the future of democracy in the country, according to a new poll conducted on the eve of the anniversary of last year’s Capitol riot.

According to an American Today survey and Suffolk University’s Tuesday report, the vast majority of Americans are worried about democracy in America’s future.

Republicans and Democrats have opposite memories of Capitol riot – poll

Both parties expressed concern about America’s future democracy, 82% of Democrats and 86% respectively. Just 15% said they were “Don’t be too worried” or not at all worried about the future of American democracy.

The majority of respondents’ outlook regarding the future of democracy had also worsened over the preceding four years, with 71% reporting American democracy had weakened and just 18% arguing it had gotten stronger. Only 6 percent said that it was the same.

Political outlook did predict Americans’ viewpoints on how democracy had evolved during that four-year period, but even the majority of liberal respondents (62%) agreed it had weakened, along with 84% of their conservative counterparts.

The poll’s results were even more alarming than those from an NPR/Ipsos poll released Monday, which found 64% of Americans believed US democracy was in crisis and at risk of failing.

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