North Korea tests satellite surveillance system — Analysis

According to authorities, the Sunday launch was done in an effort to measure photographic accuracy

North Korea stated Monday that its missile test conducted earlier in the day were intended to evaluate the newly developed reconnaissance satellite system.

According to state news agency KCNA, the device “Photographed the designated area vertically and inclined with the cameras loaded on satellite..”

This was the 8th North Korean test this year. It was designed to verify the performance and accuracy of the new system for photographing and the data transmission systems. 

It is important to note that the recent test has been very useful in the development and testing of reconnaissance satellites.,” KCNA stated.

Two photographs of the Korean Peninsula from Space were also published by the state media outlet. These images are similar to the ones released January 30, after the last missile launch. 

Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader, announced that military reconnaissance would be developed in 2021. This was also included hypersonic weaponry, which were already tested.

The launch comes amid South Korean plans to test solid-fuel space projectiles – part of a project to develop a satellite surveillance system to keep watch over its neighbor.

On Sunday, South Korea’s military reported that North Korea had fired a projectile eastward to a maximum altitude of around 620km and a range of about 300km. 

North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile

International condemnation was sparked by the latest test. France, Britain, France and others pledged to meet Monday to talk about the topic. 

Sunday’s launch came shortly after Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to step up “friendship and cooperation” with North Korea in the “new situation,” without elaborating or saying whether the term refers to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

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