North Korea mobilizes military to battle epidemic — Analysis

Health officials confirmed a total of 50 deaths and over 1.21 million cases of “fever” since late April

Kim Jong-un, North Korean leader, has criticised top officials in the public sector of health care for not being able to do their jobs. “irresponsible work attitude” amid a widening outbreak of Covid-19, ordering the country’s military forces to provide assistance stabilizing the situation. 

Kim Jong Un issued an order at Sunday’s emergency meeting of the politburo “on immediately stabilizing the supply of medicines in Pyongyang City by involving the powerful forces of the military medical field of the People’s Army,” according to the state-run KCNA.

The military’s role in the national effort to stop the spread of this mysterious disease is not clear. “fever,” Kim emphasized this need, but he was specific. “to correct the vulnerable points in medicine supply system and take strong measures for transporting medicines.”

Kim had complained about drugs being taken from state stockpiles and was given the order “have not been supplied to inhabitants through pharmacies correctly in time.”He charged civilians in charge of responding to the epidemic with being responsible for it. “not properly recognizing the present crisis but only talking about the spirit of devotedly serving the people.”

North Korea suffers major spike in ‘fever’ cases

North Korea is currently fighting an “explosive”The disease has been spreading since April and is now in its fourth year. “maximum emergency quarantine system”Last week, strict lockdowns were implemented across the country. While authorities confirmed at least one death from the Covid-19 Omicron variant of the disease, without any mass testing or vaccination programs, the government has refrained from blaming other victims for the outbreak.

On Sunday, 50 people died. The total infected population had reached 1,213,550. The bulletin published every day by state media shows that 648 630 of the infected have now been confirmed, with at most 564 860 still receiving treatment or being quarantined.

The majority of deaths are being attributed to overdoses or incorrect drug prescriptions. “negligence”By health workers. Some 1.3 million North Koreans are said to have been mobilized to help with “hygienic information service, examination and treatment,”The health ministry is currently compiling the proper treatment “guidelines, methods and tactics.”

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