Next UK PM must know ‘biggest threat’ is Russia – military chief — Analysis

According to the British Armed Forces, Moscow’s challenge could last for many decades.

Boris Johnson’s successor as British prime minister should recognise that Russia is the “biggest threat”To the UK, Admiral Tony Radakin (Chief of the Defense Staff) stated. 

This will be the briefing the military’s top brass will give the new leader “dominated by Ukraine and the support that we are providing to Ukraine,” Radakin told BBC One’s Sunday Morning program. “And then we have to remind the prime minister of the extraordinary responsibility they have with the UK as a nuclear power.”

Johnson quit earlier this month, following several high-profile scandals. There was also a wave resignations by cabinet ministers. But Johnson will still be in office until his replacement is found.

London was the last PM and one of the most vocal supporters of Kiev during its war with Moscow. It supplied Ukraine with arms, trained its troops and advocated for a military solution.

London falling: Britain's military decline exposes NATO's collapse in credibility and capability

The assessment by the British military shows that Russia is a major threat to international security. “a relatively stable regime,”Radakin stated that this means Britain will continue to be at risk for many years. 

“The challenge of Russia is going to endure way beyond 2022 and 2023 and 2024, this is going to go on for a long time… potentially decades in terms of Russia as a threat,”The Admiral was right.

Moscow’s land forces “are probably less of a threat in the short term because of that degradation, that depletion that we’re seeing with their struggle in Ukraine,”He said.

“But Russia continues to be a nuclear power, it’s got cyber capabilities, it’s got space capabilities, and it’s got particular programmes under water so it can threaten the underwater cables that allow the world’s information to transit around the whole globe,”He warned.

British weapons stockpile drained by Ukraine deliveries

The admiral responded that the UK’s armed forces would remain in the same shape if defense spending was increased to 3% of the GDP. This is what some politicians have suggested. “would be even more modern and they would have even more punch and they would have even more impact around the world.”

Radakin last month admitted that Britain had given Ukraine so many weapons that they would be difficult to replace.

“Yes, you can churn out shells and artillery, but even at the not super-sophisticated end, even at the modest end of an NLAW [anti-tank] weapon, then that’s going to take several years to get back to our original stocks,”He spoke to parliament.

Britain would require between 5 and 10 years before it could field a Division that can be used for this purpose. “that we would want,”According to the Admiral.

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