New York Health ‘misled public’ about nursing home deaths – report — Analysis

New York State Health Department “misled the public”A report by the New York state comptroller revealed that there was a significant number of Covid-19-related deaths in nursing home settings, but it failed to account to over 4,000.

On Tuesday, the release of this report claimed that “instead of providing accurate and reliable information during a public health emergency, the Department conformed its presentation to the Executive’s narrative”And presented data in such a fashion that “misled the public.”

The report includes a footnote that clarifies the following: “the Executive” referred to – among others – former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his staff. Cuomo quit as governor August 2021 after sexual misconduct accusations. Cuomo was accused of covering up Covid-19 nursing home deaths by his critics before he resigned.

‘It could have been prevented’: Relatives of NY nursing home victims tell RT they hold Cuomo responsible for their deaths

Deaths in New York nursing homes were not accurately reported, according to Tuesday’s release, and the Health Department allegedly “understated the number of deaths” “as much as 50%.”It does not matter if this was an oversight. “a deliberate decision”It was unclear, declared the comptroller.

One way in which the New York State Health Department allegedly misled the public was by changing the criteria to only report deaths which occurred in-home – excluding the many deaths of nursing home residents which occurred in hospitals and elsewhere.

“All told, for the nearly 10-month period from April 2020 to February 2021, the Department failed to account for approximately 4,100 lives lost due to COVID-19,”According to the report.



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