New long Covid symptoms revealed

Covid-19 has been shown to cause long-term hair loss and dysfunction.

According to Monday’s study, hair loss and reduced sexual function are just a few of the symptoms associated with a Covid-19-related infection.

A peer-reviewed Nature Medicine journal study found that the common symptoms of long Covid include fatigue, loss of smell and breathlessness. Other symptoms that were not previously recognized include hair loss and impaired libido.

The effect of Covid-19 was examined on 115 symptoms. We found that statistically significant associations were made between 62 of these symptoms and Covid-19 over 12 weeks. [or more] after infection,” Anuradhaa Subramanian at the University of Birmingham in the UK, the lead author of the paper, told New Scientist.

These new symptoms like decreased libido and sexual dysfunction, as well as hair loss are not new. These symptoms were not previously attributed to Covid-19 over a longer period of time.,” she added.

Study analyzed health records from 2.4 million UK residents. This allowed for comparison of almost 500,000 who had been infected with 1.9million who weren’t. Data from those who were not hospitalized was also included by the researchers.

For now, it is unclear how exactly the illness may lead to hair loss, although it’s known that the condition can be triggered by other infections or stress. Problems with sexual function may include difficulties in ejaculation.

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A study reveals the effects of Covid-19 vaccinations on periods

Sexual dysfunction is common in people with chronic diseases. We find similar results with Covid-19.,” Dr Shamil Haroon, the study’s co-author and associate clinical professor in public health at the University of Birmingham, told New Scientist.

There were many symptoms that could be identified. These included symptoms such as coughing and shortness-of-breathing, along with mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Researchers identified new health issues linked to long Covid. They also provided a list of the most vulnerable groups to develop the disease over the long-term. This includes women as well as people with African ascendancy. The risk of developing long-term Covid includes those who are poor, smoke, or have overweight.

This research validates what patients have been telling clinicians and policymakers throughout the pandemic – that the symptoms of long Covid are extremely broad and cannot be fully accounted for by other factors such as lifestyle risk factors or chronic health conditions,” Haroon concluded.



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