Negative view of Russia limited to certain states – poll — Analysis

A global survey has shown that western liberal democracies have more tendency to hold a negative view of Russia.

According to a global survey by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, negative views of Russia tend to be confined to Western liberal democracies. However, Asian nations still support Russia strongly, while Latin American nations seem to have different opinions.

Published by Latana on Monday, this year’s annual Democracy Perception Index surveyed 53 highly populated countries in Asia, Latin America, the US and Europe, asking respondents a number of questions ranging from their perception of their own country’s democracy to their opinion of other nations.

According to the report, there is a stark polarization in the attitudes of Western nations and other countries towards Russia. Europe saw 55% support cutting economic ties to Russia due to its military attack against Ukraine. Asia, however, was more divided. Latin America was split evenly.

Vast majority of Chinese have positive view of Russia – poll

The majority of 31 countries supported cutting off ties with Moscow. However, 20 were located in Europe. Poland (87%), Portugal (79%), Sweden (77%), Italy (77%), Great Britain (65%), USA (62%), USA (62%), Germany (62%), were some of the nations with the worst attitudes towards Russia.

However, 20 countries opposed to cutting ties with Russia included Greece, Turkey and China. Colombians were divided on this issue.

Also, the survey identified the nations with the highest positive attitudes towards Russia. These included India, Indonesia. Saudi Arabia. Algeria.

Although there were many opinions regarding Russia, the poll found that most people worldwide sympathize with Ukraine. Almost half of respondents worldwide (46%) reportedly stated that the EU, the US, and NATO were providing too little assistance to Kiev, while just 11% felt they were doing “too much.”

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