Nearly 90% of Americans unhappy with the nation’s direction – poll  — Analysis

Monmouth University polls show that Americans are convinced the United States is going in the wrong direction. This record high figure shows how American citizens feel.

A majority of Americans feel hurt by rising gas prices and inflation, think the federal government makes things worse and have a pessimistic outlook about the future. In fact, 88% believe that the US is heading in the wrong direction, according to a recent opinion poll.

As it announced the results from its latest poll on Wednesday, Monmouth University Polling Institute said the concern over the US’s direction has risen to the highest level since 2013. Only 10% of respondents approve, compared to 42% who approved in January 2021.

The performance of Joe Biden as president is perceived in an increasingly negative way, with 36% approving of the job he’s done and 58% disapproving. Congress’s disapproval rate is staggering at 78%.

Americans are concerned most about financial and economic problems. The top two concerns were inflation and high gas prices, at 33% and 15%, respectively. Nine percent were concerned about the economic state, while 6% were worried about daily expenses like bills.

Just 1% of respondents ranked Covid-19 the top concern, which is down from 18% last December and 39% August. Only 5% of respondents cited abortion rights. This was lower than the previous polls.

According to 57% Americans, federal policies have impacted the status of their most pressing issues in six months. Only 8% of Americans say that the policies have been helpful, while 34% claim Washington has no impact on their most pressing concerns. Three-quarters of respondents said that government policies improved their lives a year ago. Only 34% claimed the contrary.

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Only 23% believe the government will do more to help their situation over the next one year. While 45% think it will just make things worse.

42 percent of respondents said their financial position was difficult. This is almost the same percentage as 47% who stated it was stable. A mere 9 per cent of Americans stated that their financial situation was improving. The pollster reported that the number of Americans with money problems has increased 18 percentage points from last year. This increase is spread across all demographic categories, according to income, race, political preference and other factors.

Survey was completed by telephone with 978 adult respondents in the latter part of June. Similar negative opinions were found in other polls that have been conducted recently.

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