Museum falls for fake Frida Kahlo quote — Analysis

New York’s Museum of Modern Art has acknowledged that it incorrectly attributed a quote to Frida Kahlo, a renowned surrealist artist. In 2008, a teenage girl made the initial comment.

The Museum of Modern Art will be open Monday. tweeted a 1940 self-portrait by Frida Kahlo accompanied by what they claimed was a quote by the Mexican artist herself. 

I used to believe I was the most bizarre person on the planet, but then I realized there were so many other people who feel the same as I do. Frida Kahlo

However, three days later, the New York-based museum admitted that it had “erroneously attributed” the quote without providing further information.

According to an online fact checker, ‘’, the earliest appearance of this quote was on the website of mail art project ‘PostSecret’ in March 2008. According to reports, it was printed on postcards and sent by Frank Warren, founder of PostSecret. Warren stated that he was the founder of PostSecret and ran an art program where people were encouraged to send in their personal secrets via postcards. His website featured some of them. 

One person responds to museum tweets claimedRebecca, Rebecca’s daughter, had been 15 years old when she wrote the secret note and the postcard. There was another person. attributed the quote to a friend, “Becky,” noting the PostSecret background story.

Some people called for the MoMA’s removal of the tweet. Others ridiculed it.
“It’s really embarrassing you don’t fact-check your social media posts,”One individual wrote and shared an image of the original card. 

A meme was shared by another person with an imitation Abraham Lincoln quote, in which the ex-US president declares. “the problem with quotes found on the internet is that they are often not true.” 

Kahlo was one of 20th-century’s most well-known artists. She is best remembered for her self portraits. The Mexican’s works were often inspired by nature and dealt with themes including identity, the human body, and death.

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