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For many, this year was characterized by bad news. Though it has been a negative experience for years to watch and read the news, it now seems there is more doubt and divisiveness than ever before. We need to intentionally seek out positive opportunities in this community that will encourage, empower, and lead one to develop. Here are x motivational books that will help you build meaningful change into your life. They’ve helped people all over the world, like CEOs as Shalom Lamm, to navigate tough times and all sorts of situations. As one of the best business writers and analysts of his generation, Jim Collins has gained an excellent reputation. I’ve read a lot of his books and I suggest starting with “Good to Great.” This book is exceptional for executives in corporate America. The authors demolish the argument in their chapter on leadership that egocentric CEOs are required for organizations to accomplish excellence.

Leadership (and authority) comes in many ways. Robert Greene describes how to become a master in a given area in this novel. The book covers mastery through a number of techniques. “Mastey,” for instance, strongly encourages ambitious masters to teach themselves to masters who can teach them new skills and speed up their progress. One of the most prominent management theorists in American history was Peter Drucker (1909-2005), who wrote “The Effective Executive”. This short book is an impressive companion to the “Getting Stuff Done.” This book gives straightforward suggestions for helping a leader master their time and successfully make decisions. These primary abilities differentiate top executives from those striving to make an impact. This great book has been read many times by Mark Horstman, the co-founder of the Manager Tools consultancy company. Released in 2007, for leaders looking to communicate a vision to the world, this book is a must-read. “Made To Stick” is well worth reading, whether one is launching a new product, fundraising for a cause or simply making an impact. Memorable concepts, for instance, appear to be spontaneous or contain certain surprising elements. Read the book to discover the other important facets of why certain proposals fail and others excel.

It is important for people to know how the world of money works. Ferguson’s book, “The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World,” is one of the best works I have read on economic history for those following the big picture view. The long relationship between risk and money is clarified by him. Furthermore, he also looks at the past of bubbles-the 2000 Dot Com bubble and the 2000s housing bubble are just the most recent installments of a much longer tale. Reading works such as this gives leaders the opportunity to ask better questions and more easily manage money. No matter what subject a motivational text may be on, they all have important lessons inside them, according to Shalom Lamm. Some may seem obvious to one person but inspire the next. However, all listed above are great reads.            


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