Morad Ben Neman: Los Angeles Based Philanthropist and Humanitarian

In many ways, Morad Ben Neman’s story is that of so many hardworking immigrants to the United States; who sought refuge in a land they could not only inhabit but also prosper in. And in the process, create and build businesses and companies that afforded employment opportunities to hundreds of hardworking Americans. His story is the perfect illustration and representation of the American dream.

Mr. Neman was born in Iran and together with his family, immigrated to the United States decades ago. Due in no small part to his impressive work ethic, Neman was able to become a successful real estate developer in relatively short order. To this day, some of his most impressive projects grace the skyline of Los Angeles, California.

But it’s Mr. Neman and his family’s collective good works; communal involvement and sheer generosity that serve as his and his family’s greatest sources of pride. As an ardent supporter of Israel’s, the Nemans have contributed significant financial resources to incredibly important projects that have helped save countless lives of Israeli civilians.

One of their many impressive investments in this area was a major financial contribution made toward the building of the iron dome. Indeed, their support for Israel is ingrained in the family’s DNA. Mr. Neman is fond of telling a story about his mother’s contribution toward the very first ambulance that was raised for Israel, when an organization specializing in this area was dispatched to Los Angeles to raise funds. It’s clear that this sort of pride not only in the state of Israel but also in their Judaism is something the Neman family has successfully ingrained in their children and grandchildren.

But the Neman Family’s involvement in philanthropic endeavors transcends pro-Israel causes as well. Their generosity is legendary in the Beverly Hills community. Mr. Neman is regularly called upon for assistance on behalf of the needy; and those that might be in need of a helping hand. Mr. Neman is a perfect illustration and expression of the American dream. Namely, a man who created businesses that have given hundreds of people employment opportunities; but has also dedicated his life to giving back to communities and those that need it most.  


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