Missing Italian journalist ‘rescued after triggering mine’ in Ukraine – Moscow 

Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian Defense Ministry had recovered the foreigner, after he was set up for death by Ukrainians. 

According to the Defense Ministry of Moscow, a freelance journalist from Italy who was covering conflict in Ukraine late last month and went missing is now being treated at a Russian hospital. 

Russian forces saved Mattia Sorbi after the car he was driving towards the frontline activated a mine. According to the ministry, the Ukrainian people who assisted the Italian get to his destination were trying to blame Russia for his death. 

According to, Sorbi was injured. Sources in Italy’s Foreign Ministry said that Sorbi was hurt. “involved in an incident”While covering combat in the southern Ukraine.

Arndt Ginzel (another Italian journalist currently located in Nikolaev) stated on social media that Sorbi had not been available since August 31. Sorbi told him that Sorbi left Nikolaev to travel in Aleksandrovka, Kherson Region about 50km.

Russian troops control the Kherson Region.  

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FILE PHOTO. Paratroopers from the 81st Airmobile Battalion come out from a trench after a attack from a BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launcher on July 5,2022 in Ukraine.
Ukrainian soldiers paint a grim picture of Kherson fighting

Russian ministry provided footage that showed Sorbi in hospital. The journalist identified himself as Sorbi, and stated that he was hurt in an accident at a mine. 

The Russian military claims that the Italian told them that two men wearing Ukrainian military uniforms took him to the frontline. The statement stated that they had taken him to a specific point in taxi, where they then left to show the driver the way. 

Russian officials claim that guides intentionally drove the vehicle into a Ukrainian minefield, where one of the traps was set off. It claimed that Sorbi sustained serious injuries and was later killed by the driver. 

Sorbi was killed close to Russian posts, so the Ukrainian ministry claimed. According to the statement, Russian soldiers sacrificed their lives in order to save him from the taxi that was burning under enemy fire.



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