Military fires ‘live bullets’ at protesters backing civilian government, information ministry says, after forces stage coup — RT World News

After troops detained the prime minister, tens of thousands marched in Sudan’s capital Khartoum as well as the Omdurman city. The Ministry of Information says troops opened fire on protesters supporting the government.

After Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok was detained, the Ministry of Information sent a plea to Khartoum’s streets. “Occupy Streets to Protect the Revolution”According to Reuters, the ministry made the post on its Facebook page in echo of a Hamdok-directed message. The ministry said that it invites everyone to march in a statement shared by Reuters. “until coup attempt is defeated.”

Video footage shared online shows that Sudanese people responded to the appeal of their transitional state, formed in 2019. People marched along the streets and heard gunshots echoing in Khartoum, Omdurman, the next city to Omdurman. Smoke can also be seen rising over the cityscape. 

Another video shows residents in Omdurman, the capital, setting fire to the roads and creating obstructions as a way of halting the troop movement. 


Also, see the Reports suggestThe demonstrators managed to break through the outer barrier at the military HQ in capital. 

According to the Information Ministry, protesters were being shot at by the military and there would be casualties. According to its officials, the Sudanese people had rejected the coup attempt and were out in force with tens or thousands.

The military took Hamdok, his wife and Industry Minister Ibrahim al Sheikh into custody. Also, the governor of Khartoum Ayman Khalid was detained in this coup. According to the information ministry, Hamdok was taken to an undisclosed place after he refused to support the coup. is also available
Sudan declares emergency, the government is dissolved following military coup.

Another statement was shared by Minstry of Information. The prime minister’s office urged people to keep their protest going in support of revolution.

Since Omar al-Bashir was ousted from power after months of protests, Sudan has been in an unstable peace. This country is currently being governed by the Sovereign Council made up of civilian and military members. These two groups have frequently been at odds. The Sovereign Council is charged with overseeing democracy’s transition and the holding of Sudan’s first election in 2023.

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