Inside the Unique Vision of TUSHY Founder Miki Agrawal

Combining her uniquely creative vision with an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit, Miki Agrawal has transformed herself into one of the most notable entrepreneurs to emerge from the post-COVID business landscape. Best known for her work as the founder and creator of TUSHY, an American electric bidet company, Miki Agrawal has developed a following not just for her great products but for her visionary mindset and her willingness to get to work when the rubber meets the road.

Life of an Entrepreneur

For Miki Agrawal, the ascent to her status as an American entrepreneur and social justice conduit would begin by attending Cornell University in 2001. Upon graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Business and Communication, Agrawal would turn her attention toward the financial world of banking, working as an analyst up until the profoundly impactful events of 9/11. Shifting her focus and changing gears, Agrawal would in turn begin her work establishing several businesses, including the pizzeria called Wild.

Following her initial entrance to the entrepreneurial world, Miki Agrawal would take her mantle as the bidet innovator when she established Tushy during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when toiletries were impossible to come by, Agrawal was introducing a climate-supporting solution that would help people all across the world.

The Tushy bidets were instantly received with positive acclaim, creating a more hygienic and environmentally friendly way to approach the bathroom issue that had been on so many minds. The success of her company would further establish the effectiveness of her work as an author, penning the work, “Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman”.

A Profile of Passion

Considering herself an agent of change, Miki Agrawal points to a recent trip to Antarctica as one pivotal to her own growth in leadership ability. Agrawal attended an event in Antarctica where she was asked to speak and it wasn’t long before she fell in love with the land around her. The leadership summit gave Miki Agrawal a chance to share her passion with the world while identifying some of her core missions, including saving more than 15 million trees every year through Tushy.

No matter where she is at in her life, Miki Agrawal believes that passion and commitment can lead to a profound change in the most important of ways. Along those same lines, Miki hopes that people following in her footsteps will quickly come to learn the value of not worrying about the small stuff. In fact, Miki Agrawal embraces the mistakes that she has made along the way during her entrepreneurial journey. Agrawal states, “Each has made me who I am today and taught me many lessons. No regrets.”

Whether you are planning on building a world-changing bidet company or you simply want to inspire change in others, Miki Agrawal suggests that you spend more time in nature with people you love and care about.


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