Mexican president unveils written plea to Biden — Analysis

Andres Manuel López Obrador has asked the US President to drop all charges against Julian Assange

The contents of a letter the president of Mexico sent last week to US counterpart has been disclosed by him. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador asked Joe Biden for assistance in removing the charges against Julian Assange (WikiLeaks founder), who now faces 175 years imprisonment.

“I left a letter to the president about Assange, explaining that he did not commit any serious crime, did not cause anyone’s death, did not violate any human rights and that he exercised his freedom, and that arresting him would mean a permanent affront to freedom of expression,”Lopez Obrador spoke at a news conference Monday.

“And I explained to [Biden] that Mexico offers protection and asylum to Julian Assange,” the Mexican president added.

It’s not the first time the Mexican leader, widely known by his initials AMLO, makes a plea on behalf of Assange. He stated earlier this month that Washington would convict Assange to confirm the famed monument at New York Harbor. “is no longer a symbol of freedom.”

Mexican president vows ‘to tear down the Statue of Liberty’

“If they take him to the United States and he is sentenced to the maximum penalty and to die in prison, we must start a campaign to tear down the Statue of Liberty,”AMLO declared July 4, when the US was marking its Independence Day.

Assange is currently in prison since 2012. He sought asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in 2012 to avoid being extradited to Sweden, where he was facing sexual assault allegations that were later dropped. Assange lost his asylum status in 2019 when Quito refused to grant it. The British police then transferred Assange from the Embassy to Belmarsh maximum security prison. Assange is reportedly experiencing rapid mental decline.

Julian Assange appeals extradition to US – WSJ

The WikiLeaks publisher’s lawyers filed new appeals earlier this month to contest his extradition to the US. In 2010 he was sent top-secret military documents by a military analyst. He is now facing 18 charges of conspiracy to obtain classified material and Espionage Act violation. Even though one of the main witnesses to the case confessed that he had fabricated key parts of his testimony against Assange,



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