McDonald’s customer chows down while pedaling exercise bike — Analysis

Fast-food chain McDonald’s has introduced exercise bikes into at least one of its Chinese outlets, allowing patrons to turn their burger-fueled energy into electricity and charge their phones, as demonstrated in a viral video.

The clip, posted on Friday by TikTok user ‘cris13yu’, shows a woman in what appears to be a Chinese McDonald’s, tucking into a burger while cycling away on a McDonald’s-branded exercise bike. 

This video has been liked millions upon millions and has attracted tens of thousand of comments. People are now wondering if the fast food outlet will have stationary exercise bikes available elsewhere.

While the exact location of the store in the viral video is unknown, McDonald’s China announced the opening of its first so-called “low-carbon life experience store”September in Jieyang province of Guangdong 

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The American hamburger giant, American Burger King, praised the opening and said that customers will be able use stationary bikes to convert their energy into electricity.

These bikes are made of recycled materials and can be charged with their smartphones. “It is environmentally friendly, convenient and feels fun as well as representing the essence of a low-carbon life,”This is the entire statement. The health benefits of exercising are not mentioned.

The Daily Mail reported that Big Mac meals contain over 1,000 calories. This means customers will need to bike between 13.5-27 miles in order to burn them off. 

In the press release, McDonald’s said it’s partnered with the Wanda Group to open 63 “green” restaurants, offering their unique take on prandial jocundity to millions more around China, although it is not clear whether all restaurants will feature the exercise bikes.



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