Massage Guns: What Are the Benefits of Using One?

Although they are relatively new, only coming onto the scene around 2008, massage guns have already garnered a large and growing following. Why? Because they work and, unlike some other options, are safe and effective. If you experience regular or chronic muscle, tissue, or joint pain, odds are, you probably want to do something about it. The problem with many pain-relievers, though, is that the solution is often worse than the problem. An increasing number of reports and studies have shown old-fashioned pain solutions like Ibuprofen and others to be harmful to the body in a variety of different ways. As such, the migration from drug-based solutions to natural alternatives like massage guns has been swift.

Here are some of the benefits of using a massage gun for your muscle, joint, or tissue pain:

Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy is the term used to describe the type of massage you get from using a massage gun. Percussion therapy is incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons. By lengthening and loosening the muscles and tissues surrounding the muscles, percussion therapy works to reduce “knots,” and other feelings of tightness or soreness that may be present in muscles. Also, similar to deep tissue massage, percussion therapy works to stimulate blood flow to pain points on your body. Increased blood flow can reduce recovery time and even provide immediate relief to sore or injured muscles. 

Better Performance

There is a direct relation between long-term athletic performance and recovery time. Regardless of how strong-willed you are who how confident you are that you work harder than the next person if you are regularly going into the gym sore and tired from the previous day’s workout, you are at a disadvantage. Proper and complete recovery at the end of a hard physical day is the only way to ensure you go into the gym or onto the field tomorrow and perform your best. 

By continuously going through the process of working hard, then using a massage gun to optimize your recovery, and then working hard the next day, you create an ideal pattern for elite long-term performance.

Faster Recovery

If you have something important to do, like an event or even a meeting, you do not want to wake up sore. If what you have to do is physical, being sore can hurt your performance. But, even if what you need to do that day is not specifically physical, say you have an important meeting, being overly-sore can be a distraction that can hurt your mental or professional performance. A massage gun is a quick solution to muscle or tissue soreness that you can use anytime during the day to relax over-worked or injured muscles and give yourself immediate relief.

Less Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is one of the main culprits when it comes to muscle soreness. If you do a lot of cardio or HIIT exercises, you are certainly familiar with lactic acid, which can make your legs incredibly stiff and painful. One of the best ways to work this pain-causing lactic acid out of your muscles is by using a massage gun. This can decrease your recovery time and ensure that you wake up feeling rested and ready to go.

Reduces Muscle Stiffness

Muscle stiffness caused by exertion is a recipe for injury. While some amount of muscle stiffness is inevitable when you workout or exercise, you do not want to allow your body to get so stiff that you become prone to injury. A massage gun can help loosen the muscles, increase your flexibility, and decrease your chances of getting injured.

Now that you know some of the biggest benefits of using a massage gun you can decide if you want to be sore all the time, or recover quicker and have better results using a high-quality massage gun!



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