Marleen Mour on Infidelity and Helping Others Understand More About Why it Happens


Emotional coach Marleen Mour has come a long way to reach where she is now in her career by breaking the barriers and taboos and creating awareness for having an open mind. She too has a story that not only inspired her to become a better version of herself, but others too. 


Marleen was just 19 years old when she ran away from oppression as a woman in a close minded and traditional society. She was born and raised in Egypt, but fled to Australia in order to gain the freedom that she deserved and the experiences that she needed in life. Soon after that, she was on a physical and emotional journey which resulted in losing 42kg, being a 3x Gold Medalist National Bikini Model with ICN and founding the company FittHeroes and brand Marleen Mour Coaching. She is also the author of the books Cheating: How to Do it Right and The Allure of Infidelity- Understanding Why We Cheat & What We Seek from Our Affairs.


The emotional coach has helped thousands of men and women become a better part of themselves internally and externally. With the courses that she runs on her platform, she has been able to help guide her clients into having a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing overall.

What is her speciality in coaching? 

Marleen specialises in emotional coaching, along with expertise in diet and exercise. She also does public speeches on the taboo subject of infidelity, by assisting those who have cheated and helping them understand why they carried out these actions and how to move on. Her public speeches also include the matters of self-sabotaging behaviours, self-love, weight loss and relationships.


MMMour is a platform that has allowed her clients to openly discuss topics which are usually judged quickly by our existing society. These topics can range from cheating to dissatisfaction in the bedroom. Since there isn’t a wide platform for this, Marleen has taken it upon herself as a mission to help both men and women to understand the open-mindedness of it all and to be able to speak confidently about it.


Marleen focuses on the topic of cheating and every perspective of it. She questions whether cheating is actually wrong, what may have caused someone to cheat and how society shouldn’t judge someone who has cheated so quickly. She dives deep into the psychology behind it all, in order to help people understand the key root to cheating, other than the sexual desire for someone. 


MMMour is a platform that is the voice of those who are shunned and shamed into silence by the judgemental factors of society that oppresses people. It is for a new society of people who refuse to conform to the existing rules that are already set out and instead questions them. On the platform that Marleen has created allows people to seek and gather true understandings of the actions or thoughts that are different to those who have closed minds. She wants her clients to seek inner self-love, equality and acceptance through MMMour, so that they can feel the confidence that they need to stand up to others who have different opinions and overcome their personal challenges. With her emotional coaching and public speeches, she strives to help her clients embark on a journey like no other, in order to move forward from any previous actions and even question the forbidden rules of society.


Marleen also focuses on physical wellbeing, after she achieved her own motivation to lose weight and has made it a goal to help others too. She believes that there is a lasting link to psychology and the results of weight loss, as well as how long it can last for someone. Her aim is to help her clients understand the psychology behind it all, so that she can help them move forward towards a healthy future that will last.


What do her courses include? 


Her courses that she offers online also include 7 day meal plans, exercise routines, shopping lists and customer support to clients who want to quit their unhealthy habits and change their lifestyles for good. Marleen has seen a huge success with the clients who have already completed her courses; which are showcased on her website.


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