Mako Medical CEO Chad Price Announces New Genetic Nutritional Test

Mako Medical Laboratories LLC recently announced a new DNA lab test focused on nutrition.

Chad Price, CEO of the Raleigh, North Carolina, company, noted that the test will help people make better decisions about the food they eat and how those choices can shape our health outcomes.

“This is a first step in helping people understand exactly what foods they should eat so they can optimize health and performance,” said Price. “We spend so much time and money on our health without really knowing.”

For Price and Mako Medical Labs, the launch of MakoDNA in partnership with Advanced Nutrigenomics, is just the latest innovative approach to redefining medical diagnostics.

The MakoDNA genetic test package includes an individualized meal plan that helps users identify their unique nutritional needs and how to obtain them. By unlocking the code to understanding one’s nutritional needs, the test and meal plan provides specific solutions to optimize nutrition and food choices.

Nutrigenetic testing lets one optimize nutritional intake and provide unique nutritional targets that are based on one’s unique genetic makeup. With nutrigenetic testing, users can optimize:

  • Physical endurance
  • Weight control
  • Reflex and reaction time
  • Power and strength
  • Long-term durability
  • Mental sharpness and clarity
  • Emotional stability

How MakoDNA Works

The testing process is both simple and non-invasive and can be done at home, without having to visit a lab location. Once a test is ordered. MakoDNA ships a kit to your home. Using the provided swab, you collect saliva and ship the sample back to Mako, which analyzes the collected DNA.

The analysis looks at 72 genes and 218 unique genetic variations. The test analyzes gene-to-gene interactions, haplotypes (groups of genes inherited together from a single parent and diplotypes (combinations of two haplotypes) that provide even deeper insights into how particular nutrients can affect your health, based on specific genetic combinations in your DNA.

The genetic results are provided to an algorithm, which generates a nutrigenetic report, which can be accessed privately online. The report identifies targets for nutrition, including recommended daily nutrient and micronutrient needs. The analysis also helps to generate a customizable meal plan. The results are actionable, detailed, and personalized.

MakoDNA is available at and at pharmacies across the country, gyms, workout facilities, colleges, universities, and medical provider offices.

Mako Medical is committed to the privacy and security of personal medical information. It will never sell, share, or publish user data.

The Value of Personalized Nutritional Recommendations

The demand for individualized nutritional information is growing rapidly. Consider, for example, the growth in energy drinks and supplements in recent years. There is an explosion of diet and exercise plans, from keto to Atkins to Weight Watchers to the South Beach diet.

While these plans are attractive, it’s hard to know which is right for you. If you are an athlete, military member, in the health and wellness business or a medical practitioner, it can be challenging to know how to make the right choices that optimize your performance and quality of life.

At the same time, there are serious medical issues that continue to prevail across the nation. Obesity, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure are widespread and prevalent conditions affecting millions of Americans and their families.

Fortunately, today there have been significant advances in using genetic information to identify nutritional needs and deficiencies. With a deep understanding of nutrition, individuals can improve how they feel, both physically and emotionally, and live richer, more fulfilling and active lives.

Mako Medical, a leading provider of diagnostic testing services and pharmacy services, has developed MakoDNA to help people of all body types to gain a better grasp on their health. “This can be used to identify untapped potential between performance and genetic potential and could possibly be used as a factor to compare candidates for selection,” said Price.

The benefits of MakoDNA include:

  • Identifying nutritional targets based on your unique genetic make-up
  • Allowing your body to function at its optimal potential for given circumstances
  • Integrating each nutritional target into a personalized nutrition plan
  • Diminishing the risk of metabolic imbalances and nutrition-related diseases
  • Accessing the power of your DNA to guide you toward the healthiest, most optimal form of you
  • Determining your ideal intake of proteins, fats, minerals, and carbohydrates.
  • Discovering the secret to healthy eating

About Chad Price and Mako Medical Labs

Chad Price is the founder and CEO of Mako Medical Labs.

Established in 2014, Mako Medical Labs projects $200 million in revenue in 2020, up from $92 million in 2017. Mako Medical provides diagnostic testing, imaging, and pharmacy services and employs about 600.

Mako Medical Labs was named by Forbes in 2020 one of its America’s Best Startup Employers, given to just 500 companies nationwide. It has topped the Triangle Business Journal’s Fast 50 list for the past three years and in 2018, Price was named by the Triangle Business Journal as CEO of the Year.

Price previously founded Element Service Group Mechanical LLC and is the co-founder of BrideGenie. He previously served as chief marketing officer of Cary Reconstruction and is a board member and investor in Trill A.I. which uses technology to help make better investment decisions.

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