Macron discloses whether lockdown for unvaccinated will be necessary in France — Analysis

French President Emmanuel Macron has dismissed the possibility of locking down unvaccinated people in France, claiming the move would not be necessary because of the success of the Covid-19 ‘health pass’.

Speaking to La Voix du Nord newspaper in an interview published on Thursday, Macron said there was no need for France to follow Austria’s lead by locking down its unvaccinated citizens. 

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Another EU state to ban unvaccinated from indoor spaces

“Those countries locking down the non-vaccinated are those which have not put in place the [health] pass. Therefore, this step is not necessary in France,” Macron claimed.

The president’s health pass, which was the target of much criticism when it was introduced, requires people to provide proof of vaccination or a recent negative test before undertaking certain normal activities.  

The ‘Pass Sanitaire’ is required if citizens wish to go to restaurants, cafes, cultural venues, or cinemas. It’s also required to take long-distance trains, among other activities. 

Austria led the charge by instituting a partial lockdown on the unvaccinated, amid an increase in Covid-19-related cases. Next week will see the Czech Republic follow Austria’s lead and Germany on Thursday decided to implement similar measures for areas with high Covid incidents rates.

Macron, who made use of the Covid card for 65+ earlier in November, required that booster shots be given. 

In the past 24-hour period, there were approximately 20,366 new infections. In recent weeks, the case numbers have increased dramatically. 

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