Live streaming gunman kills 4 — Analysis

After spending hours in Memphis shooting at people, the suspect was taken into police custody

In the US, a man was captured by Memphis police and accused of driving for hours shooting at citizens while simultaneously streaming his horrific actions live.

After midnight Wednesday, the shooting spree began and ended when the carjackings and carjackings were over. Officers arrested him following a fast chase that started around 9:00 pm local time, according to Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn CJ Davis.

Ezekiel, a black male suspect, has been named. The police stated that he killed four people over the course of the day and seriously injured one more. He’s also charged with carjacking multiple cars.

According to local media, the gunman broadcast parts of the attack live via Instagram and Facebook. Kelly purportedly recorded Kelly walking into AutoZone and shooting at a man. He was treated at a hospital for an abdominal wound.

Following the AutoZone shootings, officials issued a sheltering-in-place notice. After being pursued for approximately half an hour by police officers, Kelly crashed the car that he had stolen.

At a press conference, Jim Strickland from Memphis stated that Kelly had a criminal record. Kelly was accused of first-degree murder. He pleaded guilty in April 2021 to the lesser charge of aggravated attack. He was sentenced at three years. After serving only 11 months, he was released late March.

“If Mr Kelly served his full three-year sentence, he would still be in prison today, and four of our fellow citizens would still be alive,”The mayor spoke out.

The city’s transportation authority stopped bus and trolley service during the terror attack in Memphis. Police were still searching for the suspect. During the manhunt, Rhodes College and University of Memphis put their campuses under lockdown.

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