Leveraging Your Technology Skills to Create a New Entrepreneurial Business

Although you can make a lot of money doing technology work for a big company, you may find that what you do doesn’t bring you happiness. In the words of one shrewd employee that’s because my job is draining my soul. All too often in the tech business, you face never-ending deadlines with unrealistic due dates.

Worse yet, if you’ve attended enough project meetings, you see poor decision-making time after time. Your immediate boss or superiors are often uncaring, and rarely even offer basic consideration or words of thanks. Fortunately, there’s a way to escape this artificial reality and chart your own course in life. By leveraging and boosting your technology skills, you’ll be able to create an entrepreneurial business that will give you the satisfaction you deserve and desire.

Paying for the Additional Training You Need

The tech world is expanding and evolving at an ever-increasing pace. Even if you work in this industry every day, you may still need to add new skills to your curriculum vitae. This is especially true if you are considering founding a new startup that focuses on a core area of interest or new technology. If you’re looking to go back for additional high-end training, you’ll be investing more than a few dollars in the IT bootcamps or classes you take. In order to be able to afford this new education, one thing you can do is take out a personal loan to pay for it all. When you apply and are approved, you’ll have the funding you need to become an expert ready to build your client base.

Launching a Website Development Business

If you are looking for a different business option to capture high-end clients that will pay top dollar for a website development project, you’ll want to make sure you have current skills across a wide variety of technologies. One of the best ways you can create professional sites is to leverage the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). The next step is to partner with a top-tier WordPress software vendor that provides custom WordPress themes. These themes provide the customizable look and feel and functionality for each site. From there, you are going to need in-depth training in CSS, HTML and JavaScript. You’ll also want to take courses in web design aesthetics, graphic tools such as Photoshop and become an expert in User Experience (UX) Design principles.

Tap Into the Soaring Demand for Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

To truly survive and thrive in today’s marketplace, companies need to make critical decisions based on keen insights refined by accurate data analytics. While traditional IT reports may be fine for letting you know the latest status for the month or how many items were sold to a single customer, they don’t give you the strategic guidance you need. Increasingly, potential clients are trying to assemble data warehouses that combine key source information from across the company, and perhaps beyond.

From there, they can perform sophisticated data analyses and produce eye-opening business intelligence. In order to build a successful company around these in-demand skills, you’ll need training in data warehousing, database development and query languages. You should also invest in training on one of the sophisticated tools that lets you produce the business intelligence reports and dashboards that will be shared across the organization.

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