Latest scientific discovery may lead to cure for Alzheimer’s — Analysis

A team of scientists from the UK and Germany has managed to reverse memory loss in mice, and says the treatment could potentially lead to a breakthrough in fighting Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers used “humanized”TAP01_04 is a therapeutic antibody, while TAPAS is a vaccine.

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A study in Molecular Psychiatry found that both drugs can trigger a response. “a striking reduction”In the formation of proteins that are toxic and prevent communication between brain neurons.

Previous drugs for Alzheimer’s have a similar mechanism, but have shown little success and have sometimes produced negative side effects.

One of the study’s authors, Mark Carr, a professor from the Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology at the University of Leicester, said, “While the science is currently still at an early stage, if these results were to be replicated in human clinical trials, then it could be transformative.”

Researchers are currently looking for commercial partners to help them run clinical trials of the vaccine and antibody on human subjects.

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