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Top Stories About The CBD Industry In Mid-2020

Last year has been a rather eventful one for CBD in particular. Therefore many top stories, and if you have not been paying attention, it’s easy to get lost with everything that’s happened and remember where we are now.

Top Stories About The CBD Industry In 2020

Everything from the development of new types of cbd tincture to the introduction of new legislative attempts to regulate the edible market have happened this year.

The following stories are just a sample of some of the most important things that have happened to the CBD industry over the last 12 months.

New Financial Companies Have Begun To Partner With CBD Industry Participants To Offer Them Financing And Payment Solutions

One of the world’s most widely used mobile payment solutions companies, square, has recently begun to look at new ways to help companies operate in the CBD industry to collect payments.

Because of the legal gray area in which the industry existed many companies have shied away from partnering with CBD manufacturers.

This has led to stifling growth in the industry thus far, but these new developments seem to be promising for the industry’s future.

Wall Street Predicts The Market Could Exceed $16 Billion By 2025

Institutional money is starting to get behind the waves of change that are bringing this popular industry to the forefront of our society.

If you go and listen to the folks over on Wall Street, now people are talking about how the market capitalization is only just beginning to grow.

They actually expect the rate of growth to only accelerate for the next few years.

Ben & Jerry’s Begin The Development Of A CBD Infused Ice Cream

This may not seem significant, but it represents a major household brand name making a step towards public acceptance of these types of products.

As soon as one company such as this one does something like this and releases it publicly, many others will follow suit once they see how successful it is.

The most intelligent corporate executives are most likely already making plans for introducing new versions of their current products that have been modified by adding CBD compounds.

Venture Capital Has Been Making Juice In The Industry

Investors from all over have begun to see the value in the burgeoning CBD industry. Venture capital is flowing into the market at a faster rate than ever before.

Many of these companies have already managed to make huge deals that are valued in the millions. Current trends seem to indicate that this current expansion only will continue to grow in the future.

Regulators Try To Tackle CBD Edibles

CBD product manufacturers have begun to incorporate the compound into food that is sold with it if used inside of it.

This allows customers to dose themselves more easily, but as a result, regulars had to come up with ways for vendors to label their products safely, so people are aware of what they are consuming.

It’s also important for regulators to develop new ways to ensure that the products that are being sold only include what is said to be included on the label.

New Farm Bill Allows Wider Market Participation

Although it may seem like forever ago, it was only in 2018 that the most recent piece of significant legislation regarding this industry’s legality was passed. Since then, many things have changed.

Now you can find CBD products on the corner of almost every street in the country if there is a gas station.

These products are expanding in popularity rapidly and will only continue to do so for the next several years.



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