Lab monkeys on the loose present potential infection risk — Analysis

On Friday, a truck transporting around 100 monkeys collided with a trailer that was being emptied in Montour County. Local media reports that the animals were being taken to a lab.

It is not known if animals suffered injuries but some animals were seen to have escaped. The authorities have launched a search and asked for the public’s assistance. At least four of the monkeys – reported to be long-tailed macaques – are believed to be on the loose.

According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA), the incident could have endangered the animals and the public. Because fear of aggression can lead to aggression, it is possible that the ranaway monkeys were injured in the accident.

PETA raised concerns that the animals could carry disease-causing pathogens which could then be transmitted to humans.

1st Chinese man to be infected by deadly monkey B virus died in Beijing in May – report

It is impossible to guarantee that monkeys do not have viruses. State veterinary records and other documents show that monkeys tested in US laboratories for tuberculosis and Chagas disease were found in monkeys.,” primatologist and PETA science advisor, Dr. Lisa Jones-Engel said in a statement.

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