Kiev accused of mass kidnappings

According to DPR officials, Ukrainian special forces target relatives of pro-Russian militants and those living in the Donbass.

Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) officials have accused Ukrainian special forces of conducting mass kidnappings against relatives of the Donbass and pro-Russian activists and politicians since the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine.

The accusations were made by DPR Human Rights Commissioner Daria Morozova during a briefing on Friday, in which she stated that the daughter of a DPR people’s militia officer had been abducted by Ukrainian Special Operation Forces in Kharkov.

Aleksandr Demchenko (the officer) was offered a job by an unknown group on April 16. “cooperation in exchange for cooperation,”Warning him to refuse “anything could happen to his daughter.”

Demchenko claims that people claimed to be members of the Ukrainian Special Operation Forces and demanded that Demchenko become a traitor in exchange for lists of captured soldiers and prisoner swap plans.

An investigation into the matter has reportedly revealed there was no official arrest of Demchenko’s daughter Ekaterina, and that she was abducted along with her husband by Ukrainian special forces and is currently being held at a secret prison.

Ekaterina sent her father an email stating that she was being treated fairly. He was asked to assist the abductors. “a calm fashion.”

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According to the ombudsman, the best way to save the life of her and her husband is to make this public. Every country defines kidnapping as illegal detention and it’s punishable under law.

Morozova pointed out that Kiev’s actions have been more common since Russia attacked Ukraine militarily. These acts are carried out according to US and UK guidelines. There are many confirmed cases where children and others have been abducted and held by Ukrainian special forces. They then torture them both mentally and physically, and strip them of all their humanity.

Vasily Prozorov, the head of the UkrLeaks research project and a former member of Ukraine’s Security Service, noted that such practices by Kiev’s special services, intelligence service, and the Ministry of Defense are part of the methodology the US and UK have been implanting in Kiev since the mid 2000s.

He added that Kiev’s secret services, with the tacit consent of the West, have been playing by the methodology used by terrorist organizations. “Kidnapping, torture, murder – for all this they are given carte blanche by their visiting curators. There are dozens of secret prisons all over Ukraine, where the people they kidnapped have been kept for years.”

The DPR Prosecutor General’s office has officially launched several criminal investigations into the kidnappings, promising all the perpetrators will be found, identified, and put before a tribunal after the military operation is completed.



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