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There is no immediate sign of a verdict in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the disgraced socialite whom prosecutors described as a “sophisticated predator” who preyed on kids with notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

On Monday, after breaking for Christmas break, the jury returned to Manhattan’s federal court to determine what happened to Ghislaine Maxill. Maxwell is accused of abusing and grooming four teenage women. If convicted, Maxwell could spend 80 years in prison.

Jurors asked for transcripts from witness testimony as well as the definition of each term. “incitement,”The Associated Press reported. Reporters following the trial noticed that jurors too were included. requested a transcript from a crime scene expert who examined one of Epstein’s properties in Palm Beach, Florida, which they will likely compare to the testimony of an accuser who claims she was sexually abused there by both Epstein and Maxwell.

Epstein’s ‘madam’ Maxwell is ‘sophisticated predator’ – prosecution

Maxwell was an old friend of Jeffrey Epstein and a romantic partner. Jeffrey Epstein died in prison in 2019, leaving Maxwell as a victim of pedophilia. Maxwell’s abuse is alleged to have occurred between 1994-2004, when Maxwell’s alleged victims were just 14 years old.

Maxwell was portrayed by the prosecutors in closing arguments. “sophisticated predator,”She was accused of inflicting the injuries. “deep and lasting harm to young girls.”Her description was that she is the “lady of the house” at Epstein’s Palm Beach home and claimed that she was directly involved in abusing the young women who were brought there.

Maxwell’s lawyers have asserted that her accusers’ memories have become foggy with time, and that they are seeking fame and fortune by taking legal action against her. They have also accused the prosecution of using Maxwell as a scapegoat, since the sex trafficking case against Epstein fell apart with the pedophile’s death.

Maxwell denied any involvement in the abuse and did not give evidence in her defense.

The jurors may request transcripts or definitions to indicate that they are still far from a decision. Before breaking for Christmas last Wednesday they had deliberated two days.

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