Judge names reason for John McAfee’s death — Analysis

According to MarketWatch, seven months later, John McAfee, cybersecurity pioneer, was sentenced by a Spanish court. The ruling was appealed by his widow, who claimed McAfee was killed.

The decision, made by a judge in the city of Martorell, confirmed the findings of the original autopsy report into McAfee’s death. The 75-year-old was found hanging in his cell at the ‘Centre Penitenciari Brians 2’ jail in Barcelona on June 23 – hours after his extradition to the US on fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion charges was approved.

Janice McAfee McAfee is his widow and it seems that she may still be living in Spain. MarketWatch has learned from a legal representative involved in this case that Janice McAfee immediately appealed against the decision. Joy Athanasiou, a lawyer for McAfee’s daughter – identified only as Jen – told the financial news site that there was no timetable yet on when the higher court would rule on the appeal.

“At this point, we don’t really know much aside from the ruling. It’s been a long, strange process,”MarketWatch received the following statement from Athanasiou. She could also not provide any indication as to when McAfee’s body might be transferred from the prison morgue, where it has remained since his death.

John McAfee’s wife suggests Spanish authorities trying to ‘cover up’ husband’s death in prison

McAfee – a US national who founded antivirus firm McAfee Corp – had been imprisoned in Spain since October 2020 on US federal charges. After his widow claimed that the US government had orchestrated it, and that it was claiming responsibility for her husband’s death, there has been much speculation and controversy. “cover up”It was happening.

McAfee repeatedly stated that he would die in prison prior to his death. The word was tattooed to his body. “whackd”Inked his arm, and tweeted that it was possible to do so in October 2020 “hang [him]It will not be your fault, Epstein said. [his].”These observations fueled theories about the similarities between McAfee’s jail death and Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offenders.

‘Sounds like one of John’s tweets’: McAfee’s doubtful widow shares PHOTO of his alleged suicide note

An alleged suicide note had been found inside McAfee’s pocket, in which he apparently described himself as a “phantom parasite”Without a future. Janice McAfee claimed that the handwriting was suspicious and shared the note online. This added to the suspicions about her father’s death. However, his daughter has maintained that the writing was her father’s and claims he was suicidal in his last days.

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